Fisherman Robert Fly Navarro comes to Ontario

e (1 of 1)-79  October 2017 we had professional fisherman Robert Fly Navarro stay with us for 4 days . Fly is from Florida and fishes the ocean , he doesn’t just fish tho he also hunts .

e (1 of 1)My step dad Dennis Park at Wildgoosechaseoutfitters got talking to Fly on instagram and that’s how we ended up getting him to come to Ontario , to go on a Wild goose chase with us .

e (1 of 1)-74When Fly arrived to Goderich Ontario it was late on a Monday , we talked and explained what we all had planned for the next 4 days he was here and Got some fishing gear ready for the mornings adventure .


Up early Tuesday  moring , took Fly to local fishing spots , than that afternoon we went Pheasant hunting with a friend and his dogs , Fly ended up shooting his first banded pheasant and first banded bird .

e (1 of 1)-52Wednesday morning we started off early in the morning and headed for another river to fish which we saw something that caught Flys eye we ended up seeing a female Samon spawning and some males keeping her company . Which was pretty cool and got it all on video . That afternoon we headed up to Kincardine Ontario picked up our little buddy Jake and went to the fish Hatchery. Fly got to learn what kind of fish where in Lake Huron and our rivers and how many they release every year . Ended the afternoon off with teaching Jake how to fly fish and him and Fly ended up catching some nice looking fish .


Thursday was our last day with Fly , we started the day off fishing and ended with a drive in the country showed him some things around our town and than headed to Blyth to a new kraft brewery called Cowbell . We had dinner there where the chef came and greeted our table than after dinner took a tour of the brewery.  Friday came so fast and it was time for Fly to go back to Florida .


Since Fly has been gone we keep  in touch. Threw text , Facebook and Instagram. Fly has really made me realize that if you want something bad enough , work hard and you will reach you dreams . To never give up ,So far so good , I have been featured on bass pro shops Instagram and cabelascanada instagram for some of my hunting and fishing photos and couldn’t be more excited . Fly knows how much I love taking photos and when he was here hired me to do all his photography and videos . I appreciate what all he does and is always there to answer any questions I have . He has invited me to Florida this year to fish the ocean and I’m pretty excited . Follow us all on Instagram to see our next adventure.






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