How photography has changed me .

12185D62-0271-4D41-947E-9C43AA796F7DI’ve always had an interest in photography every since I was small . I always used  point and shoot cameras , than came cell phones and always seamed to use that , ended up getting a canon T3i and after that seamed like everything just expanded .I buy everything used as most know cameras are not cheap . As of right now I run a Canon 7D , sigma 150-500 and canon 24-70 mm .  Hoping to find good used full frame soon .

Before I got really into photography, I was very shy person . Photography makes me see things in a whole different view , makes me relaxed , happier and more confident. I really enjoy it . When I get behind a camera I just become me , everything becomes wild and free . I love that so many people get to enjoy the photos I take , it’s so heartwarming to see how many people enjoy than everyday . When driving down a back road the things you see are just amazing and can pick up on so much that people mostly just pass and don’t even notice it .

My camera goes everywhere with me . Family get togethers , backroads , traveling , even just when I go for walks . I couldn’t imagine my life without my camera and all the amazing people I have taken photos for or even just meeting on my adventures.







2 thoughts on “How photography has changed me .

  1. Keep up the good work👍

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